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Interview Techniques

At The Main Street America Group, we use structured behavioral interview techniques. Following are frequently asked questions that will help you prepare for this interview style:

  • What kinds of questions will I be asked?
    You will be asked questions that focus on situations you have encountered in the past. When you answer, there are three pieces of information (known as the STAR format) the interviewer will collect for each behavioral example:
    • The Situation or Task that you faced.
    • The Actions that you took
    • The Results or changes caused by the action
  • How is this approach different from traditional interviewing?
    Traditional interviewing techniques tend to focus on general concepts. Our interviewing approach is more structured and focuses on examples of how you have performed in previous work-related situations.

      Also keep these tips in mind:

    • During the interview, it is expected that you will need some time to think back to specific experiences. Do not feel pressured to answer the question quickly or feel uncomfortable asking the interviewer to repeat the question.
    • If you are unable to think of a specific experience in the past, let the interviewer know that you may need to come back to that question or that you have not had that situation happen to you. However, be sure you are able to discuss enough experiences so that the interviewer can assess your skills accurately.

There may be questions included in your interview that seek experiences that did not work out the way you intended. This information gives the interviewer a balanced, realistic picture of your background and shows how you have learned from those experiences. It also reveals opportunities for development that can be addressed early in your career at Main Street America.

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