New Business
We only accept the Massachusetts ACORD application for new MAIP business. Applications must be received within seven days of the new business effective date. For information on supporting material that must be submitted with the application, please refer to the Massachusetts Processing Guide.

Premium charged for a MAIP policy shall be the lesser of the premium calculated using MAIP rates or the premium calculated using Main Street America's voluntary rates. In order to accurately calculate voluntary premium, please provide the information requested in the following form and include a printed copy of the form with the MAIP application:
    NGM Ins Co Voluntary Rating Info

MAIP new business applications and renewals should be sent to:

The Main Street America Group
P.O. Box 2300
Keene, NH 03431

Billing Inquiries
Please direct all billing inquiries to our customer service help line, (877) 9ASKMSA (877-927-5672). These include pending cancellations, reinstatement guidelines and procedures, misapplied money, refunds, insufficient funds checks, earned premiums, premium breakdowns, and phone and online premium payments assistance.

For Further Information
Key information on submitting applications, processing renewals, pre-inspections, payment plans and more is available in the Massachusetts Processing Guide.


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