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Surety Bonds

Main Street America knows surety bonds—we have been writing them since 1961 and we offer a full line of bonds to meet your needs:

Contract/Construction Surety Bonds
Contract/Construction Surety bonds guarantee you will fulfill a contract for construction, service or supply of goods. And they reassure your customers their projects will be completed, even if you cannot do so.

Main Street America offers Performance and Payment bonds, which are required of contractors performing any project funded by federal, state or municipal entities:

  • Performance bonds - Guarantee a contractor will complete a contract, and meet the contractual terms and conditions of the contract at the agreed-upon price.

  • Payment bonds - Guarantee a contractor will pay subcontractors and suppliers for any labor or materials they deliver to the project being bonded.

Fidelity Bonds
You can protect your business from acts of employee dishonesty with a Fidelity bond from Main Street America. Your commercial insurance might include a basic level of employee dishonesty coverage. Our Fidelity bonds provide coverage above and beyond the limits of most package products.

And with a Fidelity bond from Main Street America, you can further protect your business with a Commercial Crime bond, which covers losses due to burglary, robbery and depositor’s forgery.

Commercial Surety
License or Permit bonds - These are required if you operate under a local, state or federal license. They are also a good business practice for real estate agents, motor vehicle dealers, mortgage bankers - indeed, virtually every type of business.

Court bonds - If you are an administrator, executor, trustee or guardian, you may be mandated by courts or government agencies and authorities to obtain a bond.

Public official bonds - We also provide public official bonds for tax collectors, justices of the peace, notaries and other public officials.

If you would like to learn more about Main Street America's comprehensive surety bonds product line, please contact your independent insurance agent.

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