Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance


According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), flooding is the most common natural disaster in the United States, affecting every state. Flooding can be caused by storms, dams or levees breaking, new development changing how water flows above and below ground, heavy rain, snowmelt and much more. It can occur anywhere, often with little or no warning, at any time of the year.

Main Street America offers flood insurance backed by the federal government’s National Flood Insurance Program, which aims to reduce the impact of flooding by providing affordable insurance to property owners. A flood insurance policy can provide the specialized coverage you need to help protect your home, apartment or condo from rising waters.

Importance of Flood Coverage

Flood coverage is available to protect your home and contents. The damage from a flood is not covered under a standard homeowner's or renter’s policy.

Did you know?

Floods are the most common and most destructive natural disaster in the United States.

More than 20 percent of flood claims come from properties outside high-risk flood zones.

Flood insurance can pay regardless of whether or not there is a Presidential Disaster Declaration.

One inch of water in a home can cause more than $25,000 in damage.

Ninety percent of all natural disasters involve flooding.

Everyone lives in a flood zone – it’s a matter of whether it’s designated as a low, moderate or high-risk area.


No property is completely safe from potential flooding. Flood insurance can be the difference between recovering and being financially devastated – why risk it? When a flood policy is purchased, there is a 30-day wait before coverage takes effect. Your independent agent can help you obtain this very important coverage.


Why Choose Us

The Main Street America Group was founded in 1923 in Keene, N.H., when the Grange Fraternity created an entity to provide affordable auto liability insurance to Grange Fraternity members. 


Today, Main Street America provides personal lines and commercial lines insurance to “Main Street” individuals, families, and small businesses, as well as fidelity bonds and surety bonds


Our products are offered exclusively through independent insurance agents. We believe that independent agents offer the best value when shopping for insurance because they represent many companies and can find the best combination of coverage, price, and service.


Main Street America’s products and services are backed by financial strength. We write over $1 billion in premium annually and carry an “A” (“Excellent”) Financial Strength Rating and “a+” Issuer Credit Rating from A.M. Best, the insurance industry’s premier rating organization.